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Smart Way Capital is the smart way to bank on yourself and the smart way to take that next step.

Smart Way Capital is your partner for capitalizing on your business and your work.

The best investment is in yourself, your employees, and what that work-family has already accomplished.

Factoring is the simple, and age-old, process of allowing a third-party to buy your accounts receivable invoices now for a small fee instead of waiting for scheduled payment later.

Accounts Receivable is your money, your own work, and enables your future potential earnings. Let us be your partner and let us reign in your outstanding invoices so you can keep moving ahead, with nothing to hold you back.

Smart Way Capital clears the way to your future earnings. Smart Way Capital is the smart way to your future earnings.

*Whether you're looking to franchise an already successful business, rebuild a business coming out of the economic downturn, or if you have the best problem a startup can have--more business than you can readily handle--Smart Way Capital is here to help.

When you're ready for that next step, Smart Way Capital is ready to help. Smart Way Capital is ready to be your partner. Take the next step the right way, the Smart Way.