What is Capital Invoice?

We provide working capital financing to small businesses and Amazon sellers by purchasing accounts receivable invoices immediately after the completion of the work order. This enables businesses to get paid quickly rather than waiting on funds from their customers.

What is Factoring?

Factoring provides businesses with cash for their invoices when a service is completed, instead of waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to be paid. When our client sends an invoice to their customer, we pay them 80% of the value of that invoice the same day. When their customer pays that invoice, we rebate them the 20% reserve minus our fee.

Basic Example of a Factoring Transaction:


Client Invoice



80% Cash advance to client Today*

Reserve held by Capital Invoice


Customer pays Capital Invoice



Capital Invoice keeps their 2% fee*

Capital Invoice sends rebate to client from the 20% reserve


*Example based on average transaction. Your advance rate and discount rate will depend on your specific situation.

What is the application process and what information do you need?

First fill out our Application Form. Capital Invoice will follow up with phone call for further questions and to let you know we received the application. Or, call to speak with a representative. 706-715-3377 ext.1

How quickly can I be approved for funding?

Capital Invoice will send you a proposal within 1 business day, pending final due diligence.  After you're established as a CI client, invoices can be funded the same day if submitted by 11am.

Will I have online access to view my outstanding accounts?

Yes. Capital Invoice will set each client with their own individual login name and password. You will have 'round-the-clock access for all your accounting needs. The status of all invoices purchased and paid will be clearly detailed.

What is the process for providing invoices to capital invoice?

When sending the invoice to your customer you will "cc: Capital Invoice." We'll then review the invoice and post on our website the details of approval and amount paid.

All invoices must reflect – submit payment to (name of your company)- address:

1431 Lake Welbrook Drive Athens, GA 30606

Or direct deposit to our account.

How fast will I receive my funds?

ACH payments go into your account overnight. For $35, we can wire funds into your account the same day. Your bank may also charge you for the incoming wire, so we prefer to use ACH.

How much funding will I have access to?

Each account is underwritten separately, but after establishing a relationship funding amount can be increased.

What are the fees?

The fees vary depending on the volume, the size of your invoices, and quality of your customers. Similar to your funding access amount, fees may decrease after we establish a relationship in good standing.

Why would someone choose Capital Invoice?

We are a company with years of experience and the highest rating of customer satisfaction. Capital Invoice provides easy online access for our customers as well as friendly support by phone whenever needed. Each customer is made to feel part of "our family” where we want your work to be enjoyable and successful.

Who qualifies for factoring?

Almost all manufacturers, distributors, service companies, staffing, and trucking.

Even struggling companies can qualify?

We look at the quality of a company’s customers rather than its specific financial strength. If a company has customers who pay their bills, working capital is obtainable from Capital Invoice.

How long does the application process take?

In some cases an applicant can receive initial funding in as little as 48 hours, although the typical turnaround time is one week.

What types of businesses can use factoring?

Factoring was used for many years primarily in the furniture and textile industries. However, we’ve adapted and expanded traditional factoring to fit today’s new businesses including high- and low-tech manufacturers, distributors of all kinds, importers, exporters, government vendors, service companies, web designers, staffing, and trucking.

What size company is eligible?

Typically businesses with at least $5k - $100k in new monthly receivables are prime candidates for Capital Invoice.

What types of receivables are acceptable? 

Just about any valid invoice for services completed or products delivered.

Can a startup company with no credit history qualify?

Yes, if it has creditworthy customers. Since banks will not finance for two years, factoring is a great way to fund your start up without debt or taking on a “money partner.”