We offer innovative cash flow solutions.

Whether you're looking to continue growing an already successful business, rebuild a business coming out of the economic downturn, or if you have the best problem a startup can have--more business than you can readily handle-- Capital Invoice is here to help with your CASH FLOW.


Swift invoice factoring

Same Day!  Waiting for payment is the toughest part of any business. How can you be expected to do new work if the old work is still outstanding? Despite 30-120 day payment terms, the smart way to be paid fast is to use invoice factoring.


Credit scoring of your invoice holders

As a free service to Capital Invoice clients, we provide credit scoring for your clients. To underwrite your new clients, we survey their credit history to assure you of their worthiness for paying for your services.


Your credit grows as you grow

Based on the current circumstances, Capital Invoice sets a limit to start for the maximum amount we will advance you.  As our relationship with you grows and we have a better understanding of how your customers pay, we will raise your limit, making sure nothing stands in your way of reaching your business's potential.  Your credit limit with Capital Invoice increases as quickly as you grow, without taking time away from your business.